Other good San Francisco links to try:
The Guardian's Best of the Bay: A comprehensive guide to the bay area's best food, entertainment, outdoors, shopping, and more.
The San Francisco Visitor's Bureau: The local experts on visiting San Francisco.
S.F. Station: A hip guide to the city's clubs, live music, events, film, theatre, galleries, and museums.
Convergence San Francisco: the brutally honest, idiosyncratic guide for the goth-geek-freak-hipster-nerd.
SFCityGuides.org: a great non-profit organization that offers an extensive array of free walking tours of San Francisco and its neighborhoods.
San Francisco's Underground Tour Guide: an independent guide to what's worth seeing and how to avoid the lamest tourist traps in San Francisco's foggy maze.
International Student Guide: Helps visiting students find housing, food, banking, transportation and more.
SanFrancisco.com: A complete guide to San Francisco's hotels, restaurants, travel books, and attractions.
San Francisco Insider: Explores San Francisco's sights, attractions, museums, and neighborhoods and offers tips for achieving an excellent trip.
San Francisco's China Town: Everything you ever wanted to know about San Francisco's Chinatown.
CitySearch7: Citysearch's guide to San francisco attractions, nightlife, food, and more.
GoCalifornia.About.Com: Index to San Francisco visitor guides, top buys, maps, lodging, dining, and trip planning.
Yahoo - San Francisco: A comprehensive index on everything San Francisco.

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Other good Cable Car links to try:
The Cable Car Home Page by "Cable Car Guy" Joe Thompson: Kudos for one of the most active cable car sites online - with info from all over the world. Check out "Tales from the Grip" by Gripman Val Lupiz - a behind the scenes look at the people who run San Francisco's cable cars.
Market Street Railway: A really nicely designed site on historic transit preservation in San Francisco. There is an entire section devoted to San Francisco's Cable Cars.
San Francisco Municipal Railway: Complete route maps, schedules, fares, vehicle information, and more.
Bay Area Transit Information Project: access to transit information for the entire San Francisco Bay Area.
Transit Rider: A comprehensive site focusing on San Francisco, Bay Area and California transit systems - including cable cars.
The Museum Of The City Of San Francisco: an great source on a variety of San Francisco topics.
Light Rail Transit Association: A nearly complete world-wide listing of links to transit systems, museums, clubs, magazines, and their own world-wide rail transit news.
The Electric Railway Historical Association of Southern California: contains histories of the four Los Angeles cable railways.
The Tri-Met Oregon Transportation Site: features a brief history of the Portland cable car system (1890-1904).
The Wellington Cable Car Museum: Site provides information about both the old cable car system as well as their current system.
Outside Lands, Western Neighborhood Project: provides excellent historical anecdotes including the "Carville" conversion of historic streetcars into homes.
The Cliff House Project: A preservation site with a great collection of historical media focusing on Adolph Sutro's Victorian Cliff House (1896 -1907). Including a photo of the historic 1897 electric streetcar link to this fallen San Francisco icon.
Seashore Trolley Museum: Features an extensive collection of historic transportation equipment including street cars, and one cable car from San Francisco.
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